The Knot Dr. for Conair Hair Brush, Wet and Dry Detangler with Storage Case, Removes Knots and Tangles, For All Hair Types, Black/Blue



THE KNOT DR. FOR CONAIR Wet, dry and detangling hair brush helps to remove stubborn tangles and matted knots from wet or dry hair. The brush comes with a storage case to keep the brush clean while protecting the bristles from getting damaged ---no more bent or crushed bristles! After years of research and development, the Knot Dr. is ready to operate! With an assortment of on-trend colors to choose from, you do you boo-boo! “KNOTECTOMY”: The Knot Dr. is yours for performing the “Knotectomy,” a precision knot surgery. In the past, such procedures have been long and difficult to endure, and included the ripping and tearing of large clumps of matted hair; however, when performed by a professional, the knotectomy is entirely painless! NO BAD HAIR DAYS: Face it, we all experience knots and tangles from time to time, but the Knot Dr. comes to the rescue with the right prescription for curing those inevitable bad hair days! Mornings are a lot less hectic without having to work through bed head tangles. And for those windy days, the Knot Dr. goes with you to apply those quick touch ups. PERFECT FOR ALL HAIR TYPES! Curly, straight. Wavy or flat. The 212 Flexalite bristle count is just the right number and spaced just the right way to make detangling pain free! Blow-dryer friendly and super soft-touch grip handle makes it easy to hold and glide through hair effortlessly. And oh, does it feel good! The extra-large bristle tips gently massage the scalp! All this, and beautiful hair? What more could you want. YOU’LL LOVE IT! But if you don’t, get in touch with us and we’ll make it right! We are Conair, and we want to be a part of everyone’s “beautiful.” Helping to live life confidently in a more beautiful world.


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